Planning for the Immediate Future

There’s a game that my friends and I like to play; we talk about the places we would live in if money were no object. Predictably, Barbados and Bali were common features in these games.

One day though, Lauren suggested we think of places closer to home. She called it “thinking pragmatically” but we knew it was because talking about the Caribbean without actually going there had become boring.

Lauren offered to go first, and talked about rocky point houses. To be honest, that marked the end of the game. Why plan for retirement when you can plan your very next holiday instead? I still remember our trip to Rocky Point two years ago. We had the time of our lives sailing and hiking. I can’t believe we have not been back there since!

I remember it was a pretty long drive there, but all that backseat squabbling was completely forgotten when we got our first glimpse of the Sea of Cortez. Breathtaking does not even begin to describe it! I know I would not think twice to jump at the opportunity if I got the chance to own one of the rocky point mexico condos. I can almost see it now – waking up every morning with a cool breeze off the sea and being lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of waves crashing on the beach.

In fact, I think we’re all going to look into rocky point property soon. After all, who wouldn’t want to own a little piece of paradise?

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Rocky Point, Mexico

In Rocky Point, Mexico, hotels and condos to suit all vacations are available, in one of the finest locations on the coast and even better it’s only 200 miles from Phoenix. This means that whatever type of vacation you are looking for, a rocky point condo or house rental is guaranteed to give you exactly the vacation you are looking for. There are amazing beaches, great activities to take part in and incredible facilities offering you the flexibility to do everything from sunbathing to flying, from business conferences to cruises even golf or ATV rentals. If you can imagine it, rocky point reservations will facilitate exactly the activities you want for your vacation, meaning that you can go ahead and just relax, have fun, and enjoy the best climate anywhere.

The local cuisine is world famous, especially the seafood, and for some variety on that special occasion, there are many highly ranked restaurants to choose from, with locations on or off the beach, quiet and romantic sea views or wild nightlife and partying. Rocky point, Mexico hotels and condos or rental houses will give you the chance to be right in the middle of it, or away from it all – the choice is up to you.

For the more aquatically minded there is practically every type of sea activity you can think of, with scuba trips, fishing, sea lion colonies to visit, aquariums, kayaking and even feeding sea turtles. Jet skis and wave runners give you the chance to meet the friendliest dolphins ever or you can be more peaceful by renting a sailboat and enjoying the calm, relaxing waters and beautiful scenery. Parasailing and kite surfing get you up in the air to lift your vacation to new heights, and you can even fly ultra light aircraft. If the land is more your scene you can take relaxing or exciting horseback rides, or quad bikes if you prefer something a little more mechanical.

All these activities and more will be within a very short distance from all of rocky point condos, apartments and hotels, and rocky point reservations will be able to offer you the best deals and selection available. For the vacation of a lifetime in the world’s most beautiful up and coming resort, right on your doorstep, choose a rocky point condo and you’ll never want to vacation anywhere else again.

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Summer Fishing Trips to Puerto Penasco

Planning a summer fishing trip to Puerto Penasco in the Sea of Cortes is topped only by being on your fishing trip in Puerto Penasco. Spring and summer are the best months for fishing in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortes. Anglers can catch red snapper, whitefish,halibut, goldspotted bass and black sea bass. In late summer, you can add to that dorado and marlin. Puerto Penasco is one of the premier fishing towns on the Sea of Cortes. Its location just 4 hours south of the Arizona border make it a favorite destination for anglers looking to spend a week, month or even season fishing these rich, clear turquoise waters. If your planning a Puerto Penasco fishing trip, you will find no shortage of accommodations that can make Puerto Penasco your home away from home.

While Puerto Penasco has no shortage of beautiful beach front hotels and condo’s, it also has a wide variety of beach rentals and beach houses. Renting a furnished Puerto Penasco beach house can be a cost effective way to enjoy the beach and the incredible fishing all season long. You will be able to fish all day and then come home and prepare an incredible fresh fish dinner. You will have all the comforts of home, including full internet access, so if you work from your computer you can turn your beach front cottage into your office. Fish during the day, work at night to the soothing sounds of the ocean from your window. That’s the life in Puerto Penasco.

You can arrive to Puerto Penasco by air or by car. Driving is a popular way to arrive since Puerto Penasco is so close to the U.S. The roads are in excellent conditions, with a recently built toll road leading right to town. Toll roads in Mexico are always in excellent condition, are inexpensive, and have the added benefit of being patrolled by the Green Angels. The Green Angels patrol the toll roads and offer free assistance to motorists, whether you have a flat tire, are in need of gas, or have a more complicated problem, they are there to help. Puerto Penasco is also within the “free zone”, and no immigration paperwork is needed to enter here. Motorists from the U.S. Can come and go at will, so you won’t have to worry about car permits expiring if you stay too long. Just make sure you have your Mexican insurance and proof of vehicle registration, and you are good to go.

Its a good idea to arrange your accommodations at Puerto Penasco for your fishing trip before you leave. This ensures that you do not arrive and find that all the good spots are already reserved. There are many online booking agencies that can reserve Puerto Penasco beach rentals for the summer. Check out photos and amenities and choose the perfect place to spend your summer fishing trip, then book it and get going. Endless blue seas and sunny skies await you in Puerto Penasco!

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